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Green Policies

Jot Trucklines is committed to sustainable growth, guided by our principles of safety, integrity, quality and social and environmental responsibility. To us, that means continually working to enhance the quality of our products and services, and to preserve the quality of the environment wherever we operate by minimizing our impact on the land, water and air we use. We regard compliance with the law as a minimum standard to be achieved. Our aim is to continuously improve our environmental performance by finding effective ways to reduce the adverse impacts of our business. JOT Trucklines is a cretified SmartWay Transport Partner, an inititive of the Environment Protection Agency.

A few other environment initiatives:

  • SmartWay - JOT Trucklines is a SmartWay Certified fleet.
  • New fleet - low emissions - All new vehicles within the JOT Trucklines fleet are mandated to be the new lower emission vehiclas.
  • Electronic thermostats & mdash Electronic thermostats are being installed in the various terminals to reduce heating costs.
  • Motion Sensor Lights - mation sensor lights are being installed in the terminals to reduce the energy usage and cost
  • Recycle tired and oil - Our waste oil is collected as need be for recycling, our used steel/aluminium parts are removed from trailors/trucks are sent down to our main maintainance facility to be recycled.
  • Speed governors - All vehicles are equipped with speed governors to reduce speed and fuel usage.
  • No truck idling - Mandatory policy throughout JOT Trucklines, zero tolerance for truck idling.
  • Fuel Consumption - Policies are in place to reduce fuel consumption throughout the company.

Safety Policy

JOT Trucklines is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for all employees, to provide complete instructions covering safe work methods, and to make available any special equipment required to provide protection to employees from specific hazards.

The company is also concerned about the overall health and safety of its employees and will support and encourage employees to practise safety and follow a healthy lifestyle both on and off the job.

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