JOT Truckline


Our mission is to meet or exceed customers' expectations all of the time.

JOT Truckline is a privately owned transportation company.

Starting with a single truck in 2007, the company has expanded to what it is today - one of the most innovative companies, providing truckload and less-than truckload services throughout a network of strategically located service centers in Canada and the U.S. Our success is built on a foundation of quality service and lasting relationships with our customers.

Since its inception in 2007, JOT Trucklines, a wholly owned transportation and logistics company, has grown from a handful of trucks hauling between just a few provinces in Canada into one of Canada's newest national transportation providers. JOT Truckline continues to strive for excellence.

JOT Trucklines shares a foundational platform that provides each division with the required support and consistency from Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Safety & Compliance, Legal and IT. In some cases, particularly between JOT Trucklines and partner carriers, facilities across Canada are shared.

Each division is in a different segment of the transportation market and, as such, has strategies unique to each division. The management team within each division has been appointed to their specific expertise and their ability to drive and execute the divisional strategy. Driven to succees and driven to be the best... we also drive for a living. Growing together represents the growth path that we are currently on and acknowledges that the only way we are going to grow this company is by all of us working together for a common goal.

We make an effort to learn our customers' needs and provide the people, equipment and technology to meet them. Our drivers are courteous, friendly and efficient.

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